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    Notice Icon Yellow 30x30On August 9, Jefferson County began implementing mandatory changes to sentence reduction or “good time” calculations for inmates. Revisions to the state statute governing good time went into effect on this date. Good time varies depending on each inmate’s charges, his or her sentence, and whether the inmate participates in a jail program such as work release, inmate worker, the GED program, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to generalize how the statute changes may impact all inmates collectively.

    Inmates sentenced prior to August 9 will not see a change to their release date. The new changes to sentence reduction or “good time” calculations will only affect inmates sentenced on or after August 9. We recommend family members and friends of inmates check here for a particular inmate’s release date. This information may also be obtained by calling the inmate information hotline at (303) 271-5444.

    Changes to the Colorado Revised Statutes that govern the reduction of inmates’ sentences can be found in House Bill 17-1015 by clicking here.

     The Jefferson County Detention Services Division's facility, or county jail, houses inmates and pretrial detainees who have been committed to the custody of the Sheriff. Detention Services Division staff are responsible for all aspects of the jail: booking, inmate classification, facility security, medical services and transportation.

    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has a handbook for all inmates.  The handbook is provided to assist each inmate in adjusting to confinement in the Jefferson County Detention Facility.  The information and procedures in the handbook apply to all inmates and detainees, regardless of their length of stay, or the reason for their incarceration. The handbook is also available in the Spanish language.

    For information on court dates, and the return of bond funds contact the Jefferson County Courts at 720-772-2500.