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  • Inmate Programs


    The Sheriff's Office Detention Services Division provides a variety of programs to the inmate population, many of which are financed with proceeds from inmate snack, stamp and other commissary-item purchases.

    Inmate Workers

    Some inmates are allowed to work inside the jail and around the county government campus in exchange for "good time" (time off their sentences). Indoor workers perform duties, such as cleaning and laundry. Outdoor work crews take care of landscaping and other maintenance on the government campus. They may work in the rose garden or on the "road crew," removing litter from roadsides in Jefferson County.


    Education staff helps inmates work toward achieving their General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Inmates can test for and receive their GED while incarcerated. Inmates are also offered vocational assessment and work skills training on computer software. Community volunteers tutor inmates in GED and basic skills. The objective of these collective activities is to prevent the inmate's return to jail following release and provide expanded opportunities for them outside of jail. For information on volunteering, visit our Sheriff Volunteers Opportunities page.


    The Counseling Unit provides counseling, recreation, education and religion services for inmates. Counselors are responsible for screening each new inmate to determine whether he or she is mentally unstable, suicidal or has been prescribed psychotropic medications. Counselors use an interview and a review of each inmate's criminal record to classify the inmate as maximum, medium or minimum security. For incarcerated inmates, counselors arrange Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings (taught by outside volunteers) and teach classes on anger management and averting domestic violence. An on-staff psychiatrist treats inmates who are referred by counselors.


    Recreation staff supervises and develops programming for all inmate recreation activities, including physical activities. The Jefferson County Jail adheres to the American Correctional Association's accreditation standards, which mandate that inmates have access to exercise opportunities and equipment, including at least one hour of daily, physical exercise outside the cell - and outdoors when weather permits. Activity and exercise are important to the physical and mental health of each inmate, his or her peers and to facility and staff security because it provides a positive outlet for inmates' energy.


    The religion group is led by a full-time, on-staff chaplain and is supplemented with the hard work of approximately 90 lay and clerical volunteers. Religious studies for people of any religious faith are available through volunteer staff, and some worship services are offered regularly.  

    • The chaplain provides pastoral care to inmates who request such services.
    • Additionally, the chaplain and chaplain volunteers of various faiths offer chapel services, religious education programs and individual ministry to inmates.
    • The chaplain's office also provides limited supplies of religious books and materials per inmate request.

    Religious Emergencies

    If someone related to an inmate has died or is seriously ill and hospitalized, contact the chaplain’s office at 303-271-5398 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. After hours, call 303-277-0211 and ask to speak to a jail supervisor. Provide the following information to the chaplain or supervisor (jail staff will verify all information before notifying an inmate of any emergency):

    • Name of the person who is seriously ill or has died
    • Name, address and telephone number of the hospital or funeral home
    • Name of the inmate
    • Name and phone number of the person the inmate should contact

    Religious Donations

    Please contact the chaplain’s office at 303-271-5398 if you have any religious books you wish to donate to the inmate library. Soft-cover religious book donations are welcome.