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    Police impersonator stops woman in south Jeffco

    Jefferson County, CO. – On October 29, 2013 the sheriff’s office received a phone call from a woman reporting a police impersonator had stopped her in the area of S. Wadsworth Blvd. and W. Chatfield Ave.

    At 8:30 p.m., she was driving northbound on S. Wadsworth Blvd. from C-470, when she was stopped by what she believed was an unmarked police car. She observed a rotating dome shaped flashing red light in her rearview mirror. There were no other emergency lights one would associate with a police car.

    A white male in his late 30s exited the car and approached her driver’s side window. The suspect identified himself as a police officer and was wearing black BDU/cargo style pants and a black long sleeved shirt. He told her that there was too much traffic on the roadway and directed her to a less populated area nearby.

    This alarmed her as there was no other traffic, and she knew the neighborhood he directed her to was dark and secluded. She observed that the suspect did not have a badge or patches on his shirt and that he did not have a police gunbelt on. She doubted that he was a real police officer and told him "no.” The suspect responded, "Well ok then, I'll give you a warning.” He then hurried back to his car and drove northbound passing her.

    The car is described as a larger dark colored four door sedan, and it did not have a rear license plate. It is suspected that the car may be a Ford Crown Victoria, but that is not confirmed.

    A composite sketch of the suspect is attached. He is described as a white male, late 30s, dark brown short hair, about 6' tall with a thin build. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 303-271-5612.

    Jacki Kelley
    Public Information Director

    Mark Techmeyer
    Public Information Officer

    November 8, 2013

    Police impersonator in South Jeffco, thumb

    Last Updated: 11-19-2013