• Wildfire


    Wildfires have had devastating effects on Jefferson County.  Due to the county's geographic makeup, wildfire is always a concern, and it is a more potent threat during droughts or dry spells.  Jefferson County Sheriff's Office collaborates with multiple agencies and the public to ensure the wildland fire management programs are fully integrated.  The Sheriff's Office interacts with partners and cooperators to include planning, preparedness, suppression, restoration, monitoring, research and education components of fire management.

    The Fire Information Hotline is your source for up-to-date news on fire restrictions and bans, fireworks regulations and violations, burn permit information and more. Dial 303-271-8200 to be informed.


    Jefferson County Sheriff's Office works closely with Local, State and Federal agencies to perform wildland fire suppression management actions to extinguish a fire or confine fire spread beginning with its discovery.


    Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is heavily engaged in wildland fire prevention and hazard mitigation to reduce unwanted human caused ignitions, to reduce damages and losses caused by unwanted wildland fires, to reduce unnecessary risk to firefighters, and to reduce the suppression costs of wildland fires.

    There are hazard mitigation steps residents can take to make their home less susceptible to fire, including removing 'slash' (debris from vegetation found in forest areas) from around their homes).  For more information regarding the slash events offered by Jefferson County, visit the slash collection website. Contacts for additional information and/or if your local group, HOA, subdivision, fire district would like to host a future collection site:

    • Mark Danner, Jefferson County, 303-271-5008
    • Bret Roller, Rolling R Ranch, LLC 303-589-4698


    Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is focused on preparedness as a result of activities that are planned and implemented prior to wildland fire ignitions to ensure safe, efficient, and effective management actions.

    Wildfire Prevention Resources