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  • Fire Restrictions and Bans

    Due to the county's geographic makeup, wildfire is always a concern, and it is a more potent threat during droughts or dry spells. Rainfall and cooler temperatures may reduce the danger of wildfire; however, people are encouraged to be vigilant as the danger of fire is always present in the high country. Citizens should use caution when starting and extinguishing campfires, disposing of lighted cigarettes, and other activities that involve the use of fire or sparks. Warm and windy days can quickly lower the fuel moisture content of trees and grasses, making them susceptible to ignition.

    For information regarding remote slash collection, burn permits, fireworks information and reporting please call the fire information hotline at 303-271-8200, or, to be alerted to changes in the fire restrictions and bans via email please join the fire restrictions and bans alert list.

    Fire Restrictions

    Notice Icon Yellow 30x30Effective February 16, Sheriff Jeff Shrader enacted Stage 1 Fire Restrictions for unincorporated Jefferson County. The restrictions apply to the areas west of Highway 93, west of C-470, south and west of the intersection of CO 121 (Wadsworth) and C-470, and west of the Platte River. These restrictions are being enacted due to the current dry conditions favorable for the possibility of wildfire, and limited availability of fire control resources. Conditions will continue to be monitored and restrictions will be adjusted in the coming weeks as necessary.

    To learn more about fire restrictions visit the Fire Restrictions webpage

    Fire Bans

    There are no active fire bans.

    To learn more about fire bans visit the Fire Bans webpage.


    Please note: Fire restrictions can also be enacted by the U.S. Forest Service, Denver Mountain Parks, and JeffCo Open Space. Please check with each individual entity for their restriction and ban information.