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  • Implementation of Funding Mechanisms


    Funding mechanisms for this project could include increased property taxes, a special district funded by sales tax, license plate fees, toll revenue generated by managed lanes or all lanes or some combination of these.

    One tolling option, consistent with Colorado Department of Transportation policy, is to use managed or express toll lanes on new capacity on existing roadways and tolls on new roadways. To fully fund capacity improvements, this option would likely require additional funds raised by property taxes, sales taxes or license plate fees to supplement tolls generated in managed lanes.

    A second tolling option would consider tolling existing lanes as well as new capacity throughout the "Western Beltway" corridor. This option would potentially raise adequate funding for capacity improvements throughout the corridor without increasing other taxes or fees.

    Did You Know?

    The Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority, established by Jefferson County, Broomfield and Arvada, is trying to secure a private investor to build and manage the highway as a toll road.