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    1968 - I-470 officially approved and added to the Interstate and Defense Highway System

    1976 - I-470 Ad Hoc Commission recommends that I-470 be withdrawn from the Interstate and Defense Highway System

    1980 - C-470, the substitute project for I-470, begins construction

    1985 - E-470 Authority is created

    1987 - W-470 Authority is created

    1990 - C-470 is completed

    1991 - E-470 Segment 1 is completed

    1992 - W-470 Authority suspends operations and closes

    1999 - Northwest Parkway Authority is created

    2000 - C-470 Extension from I-70 to US 6 in Golden is completed

    2001 - The Northwest Quadrant Feasibility Study, which identified improvements to existing streets and highways, is completed. The study recommended right-of-way preservation for major corridor improvements (200' to 300') along Indiana Street, SH-72, SH-93 and US-6 in lieu of a specific alignment for the beltway

    2003 - E-470 Segment 2 is completed

    2003 - Northwest Parkway is completed

    2003 - CDOT started a formal Environmental Impact Statement process to study transportation improvements that would provide a connection between the Northwest Parkway and C-470

    2008 - CDOT completes the Northwest Corridor Transportation and Environmental Study (TEPS). This study replaced CDOT's EIS process when it became clear funds were not available to implement any of the recommended alternatives. This study narrowed the list of alternatives for connecting Northwest Parkway to C-470 to freeway, tollway, regional arterial improvements, and combined (freeway/tollway with improvements to Indiana/McIntyre)

    2008 - Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority is created

    2013 - City of Golden completes conceptual improvement plans for US 6 and SH 93 and signs a Memorandum of Understanding with CDOT

    Did You Know?

    Over the last 20 years, highway construction costs have more than doubled, yet gas taxes have not changed.