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    In an effort to improve public safety in unincorporated Jefferson County, Highways and Transportation constructed three roundabouts in place of signalized intersections.  roundabouts_thumb

    These roundabouts were built at the following locations:

    • County Road 65 and Bergen Parkway
    • Simms Street and Quincy Avenue
    • 32nd Avenue and Eldridge Street


    What is a roundabout?

    A roundabout is a circular intersection designed to slow traffic while lowering delays. Roundabouts are designed for both large and small vehicles. There are no traffic signals. The roundabout features a central island around which traffic circulates. Roundabouts can be either single-lane or double-lane.

    How do they work?

    • The general principle for using a roundabout is "yield at entry."
      • Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks.
      • Yield to traffic already in the roundabout.
    • All traffic moves in a counterclockwise direction.
      • You will always make a right turn to enter the roundabout.
      • After entering the roundabout you will proceed around the center island and take the desired right turn to exit the roundabout.
    • Roundabout IconView an interactive roundabouts demonstration showing how a roundabout works. You will need the Macromedia Flash player View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. to view the interactive roundabout.

    What are the benefits?

    Fewer Crashes

    Statistics gathered in the United States show that roundabouts can reduce fatal and injury accidents by as much as 76 percent. Roundabouts encourage slower speeds and calmer traffic. Accidents tend to be less severe with fewer injuries.

    Less Delay

    Unlike a signalized intersection, roundabouts don't force drivers to stop when there is no traffic. Motorists are only required to stop when there is conflicting traffic or pedestrians. Motorists yield, rather than stop. A higher traffic flow quickens your commute.

    See more information about roundabouts in the Jefferson County roundabout brochure Download Adobe Reader from Downloads Page

    For questions or additional information about roundabouts, please call Transportation and Engineering at 303-271-8495.

    Last Updated: 9-23-2016