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  • Roundabouts 

    Roundabout (thumb)

    Roundabouts are circular intersections designed to slow traffic while reducing delays. They feature central islands around which traffic circulates in a counterclockwise motion.  

    Benefits of Roundabouts

    Fewer Crashes

    Roundabouts encourage slower speeds and calmer traffic. Accidents tend to be less severe with fewer injuries than at signalized intersections. 

    Less Delay

    Motorists yield, rather than stop. They are only required to stop when there is conflicting traffic or pedestrians. Higher traffic flow quickens commutes. 

    How Roundabouts Work

    • Motorists make a right turn to enter the roundabout, proceed around the center island in a counterclockwise direction and take the desired right turn to exit.
    • Motor vehicles yield to traffic that is already in the roundabout. 
    • Motor vehicles yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
    • Bicycles use bicycle/pedestrian paths or follow the same rules as motor vehicles.

    Rules of the Roundabout   Adobe Reader is required for viewing this document  

    Interactive Roundabout Demontration 


    Last Updated: 6-6-2017