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  • Speed Bumps 

    Requests for New Speed Bumps

    Any interested citizen or resident may request a speed-bump installation by submitting a petition to the county, signed by 90 percent of the property owners or residents whose property abuts or is directly affected by excessive speed within the area. Seventy-five percent of all property owners or residents must sign in support of the proposed bump. Only one signature per household shall be considered.

    Speed bumps shall be financed on a 50-50 cost-sharing basis. Property owners or residents in the installation evaluation area will split the bill with the county.

    Speed Bump Removal

    Speed bumps may be removed through a petition process whereby at least 75 percent of the property owners or residents within the evaluation area agree that removal of a speed bump will not significantly affect the safety and welfare of children, pedestrians, property owners or residents. 

    Speed Bump Policy 

    The entire Speed Bump Policy (8.1.1) may be viewed on the County Manager Streets and Roads Policy webpage under the heading "Programs." 
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    Please use the online Service Request Form or call 303-271-8461 for help determining the petition area for new requests or removal.   

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    Last Updated: 6-8-2017