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  • Stop Signs


    The purpose of a stop sign is to assign right of way at an intersection or where traffic is required to stop. Stop signs are installed at intersections when an engineering evaluation indicates the installation is appropriate. They are installed where:

    • a minor street enters a major street,
    • on a street entering a highway
    • or where a combination of restricted view and accident history indicates a need.  Stop Sign


    Federal and state regulations require the installation of all traffic control devices, including stop signs, to follow the guidelines in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites.  

    Each year, Jefferson County receives many requests to install stop signs as a way to reduce speeding. Research has shown that stop signs do not decrease the overall speed of traffic. In fact, impatient drivers view the additional delay caused by unwarranted stop signs as lost time to be made up by driving at higher speeds between signs. Unwarranted stop signs can also provide a false sense of security for pedestrians and motorists, which increase the potential for accidents.

    If problems with speeding exist, please report these to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit at 303-271-KOPS (5677).

    Requests for New Stop Signs

    Two-Way Stop Signs:

    The county will consider installing stop signs or yield signs at intersections that are currently uncontrolled (have no signs to direct traffic as to who has the right of way) based on an engineering analysis.

    Please contact Jefferson County at 303-271-8461 to have an intersection evaluated.

    Multi-Way Stop Signs:

    Multi-way stop signs can be an effective safety measure if properly warranted. They should not be installed inappropriately where:

    • they may be ignored by drivers
    • needlessly interrupt traffic flow
    • negatively affect fuel consumption or the environment, or
    • cause unnecessary noise.

    A multi-way stop is designed to provide safe and adequate gaps for vehicles to enter an intersection, not to control speeds or redirect traffic to other streets.

    Jefferson County will consider installing multi-way stop signs if the following conditions are met:

    • A crash problem, as indicated by five or more reported crashes in a 12-month period, that can be corrected by a multi-way stop installation.
      • Such crashes include right- and left-turn collisions, along with right-angle collisions.
    • Minimum volumes:
      • The vehicular volume entering the intersection from the major street approaches (total of both approaches) averages at least 300 vehicles per hour for any eight hours of an average day; and
      • The combined vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle volume entering the intersection from the minor street approaches (total of both approaches) averages at least 200 units per hour for the same eight hours, with an average delay to minor-street vehicular traffic of at least 30 seconds per vehicle during the highest hour;
      • but, if the 85th-percentile approach speed of the major street traffic exceeds 40 mph, the minimum vehicular volume warrants are 70 percent of the above values.

    Please contact Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering at 303-271-8461 to have an intersection evaluated.

    Last Updated: 9-23-2016