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  • Completed Projects for Transportation and Engineering


  • View the project summary and photos for past projects at the bottom of the page.

    Projects Completed in 2012

    • North Coon Creek
    • Metro Airport Avenue at Wadsworth Intersection Improvements
    • West Quincy Avenue/South Kipling Parkway Intersection
    • Chatfield Avenue, South Wadsworth Blvd. to South Everett Way
    • Moss Street Extension\
    • Myers Gulch Road over Bear Creek Bridge Repair
    • Roundabout Construction at Jefferson County Courts and Administration Building


    Project Completed in 2011

    • McIntyre Bridge Repair


    Projects Completed in 2010

    • NEAT Village Trail
    • 6th Avenue Frontage Road Trail
    • Golden Gate Canyon Road Realignment
    • McIntyre Outfall and Swamp Angel Detention Pond
    • Plainview Road over Coal Creek Canyon Road
    • Sutton Road Shoulder Widening/Trail Project
    • West Bowles Avenue and South Wadsworth Intersection Improvements
    • Chatfield Avenue: South Everett Street to South Wadsworth Boulevard
    • White Ranch Open Space Park: Belcher Hill Road Improvements
    • Deer Creek Canyon Road Shoulder Widening


    Projects Completed in 2009

    • Jefferson County Fairgrounds Drainageway “G” of Lena Gulch
    • Jefferson County Government Center Roadway Improvements
    • NEAT Meadow Trail


    Projects Completed in 2008

    • South Kipling Parkway Sidewalk: C-470 to West Ute Avenue
    • Lena Gulch at Isabel Street Channel Improvements
    • Ken Caryl and Continental Divide Roadway Improvements
    • Belleview Widening : Quincy Avenue to Simms Street
    • JC-73: North Turkey to Thimbleberry Lane
    • Bowles Sidewalk: Grant Ranch to Ames Street
    • South Oak Street Improvements: West Bowles Avenue to West Capri Avenue
    • Indiana Street over Croke Canal
    • Coal Mine Drive and Coal Mine Avenue Traffic Signal


    Projects Completed in 2007

    • McIntyre Street: State Highway 58 to Croke Canal
    • Massey Draw Stabilization
    • Lakewood Gulch Stabilization
    • Rumble Strips
    • Cooper Drive Reconstruction
    • Bergen Parkway Pedestrian Flashers


    Project Completed in 2006

    • Crawford Gulch Bridge on Golden Gate Canyon Road