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    The entire western corridor, connecting I-25 on the north to I-25 on the south is 61.3 miles in length and includes seven sections. Those segments are:

    WestConnect Metro MapNorthwest Parkway (7.8 Miles)

    The Northwest Parkway is a four lane, controlled access all toll facility that opened to traffic in 2003. It extends from I-25 to 96th Street in the City and County of Broomfield. The facility is owned by the Northwest Parkway Public Highway Authority External Link Icon and is operated and maintained by Northwest Parkway LLC.

    Interlocken Loop/State Hwy 128 Extension (3.0 Miles)

    The Interlocken Loop extends from the 96th Street and Northwest Parkway intersection to SH-128 near the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. It is currently a four lane arterial with traffic signals at major intersections.

    The City and County of Broomfield and the Northwest Parkway Public Highway Authority are in the process of identifying improvements to provide free flow capacity between the Northwest Parkway and the proposed Jefferson Parkway.

    Jefferson Parkway (13.5 Miles)

    The Jefferson Parkway extends from SH-128 to SH-93 and is planned as a four-lane, controlled access toll facility. The Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority External Link Icon is managing the project. Preliminary engineering and right-of-way acquisition is currently under way. A Public and Private Partnership will likely be used to finance, design, build, operate and maintain the facility.

    SH 93 (4.1 Miles)

    The SH-93 section extends from the proposed terminus of the Jefferson Parkway to the north limits of the City of Golden. SH-93 is a two lane state highway with traffic signals and turn lanes at select intersections. The plan is to convert this section to a free flow facility that matches the proposed improvements to both the Jefferson Parkway and the Golden section so there is a consistent operating condition. SH-93 is classified as a freeway in the Jefferson County Major Thoroughfare Plan with a proposed right-of-way of between 200 and 300 feet.

    Golden (5.8 Miles)

    The Golden section includes both SH-93 and US-6 and extends from the northern city limits at approximately 56th Avenue to the C-470 Extension. SH-93 is a two-lane roadway with traffic signals and turn lanes at select intersection. US-6 is a four-lane roadway with traffic signals and turn lanes at select locations.

    The City of Golden has recently completed a conceptual plan for both SH-93 and US-6 External Link Icon. The design provides four lanes of free flow capacity (two lanes in each direction) for both local and through traffic with enhancements to mitigate noise impacts to adjacent Golden residents. The proposed improvements are designed to include one additional lane in each direction when certain traffic volume thresholds are met.

    C-470 Extension (0.9 Miles)

    The C-470 Extension is a four-lane controlled access facility under CDOT's jurisdiction that extends from I-70 to US-6. The terminus at US-6 consists of directional ramps for high volume movements and a traffic signal for local street access.

    C-470 (26.2 Miles)

    C-470 is a freeway mostly built to interstate standards that extends from I-70 on the north to I-25 on the south. Construction started in 1980 with the first section opening in 1985. The remainder was completed in 1990. At that time, the highway consisted of two through lanes in each direction. The section between Morrison Road and I-70 has since been widened to six lanes with three lanes in each direction.

    In 2011, a C-470 Corridor Coalition External Link Icon was formed to develop and implement a solution that improves the safety and mobility along the C-470 corridor. The C-470 corridor was divided into two segments.

    • The first segment extends from I-25 to Kipling Parkway. A preferred funding option has been selected for this segment and the project is moving toward implementation. The preferred funding option includes adding one new lane in each direction that will be tolled plus auxiliary lanes between select interchanges where needed.
    • The second segment extends from Kipling Parkway to I-70. The C-470 Corridor Coalition plans to start studying this segment in late 2013.


    Did You Know?

    Jefferson County is the fourth most populated county in Colorado. The county is projected to grow by 17 percent between 2010 and 2040.

    Last Updated: 2-4-2014