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    As part of the Western Beltway Connector Study, Jefferson County called 111,069 randomly selected residents as the first step in a public outreach effort to gather input on the benefits of connecting this regional facility, to gauge support for the facility, to determine the best way to fund the facility, and to develop a plan for implementing the improvements. The calls were based geographically by Commission Districts.

    Over the course of three nights (August 22, 26 and 27, 2013), 15,022 residents participated in the forums. In addition, 94 participants called the toll-free number, reflecting a fairly high awareness the forums were occurring. The average “hold” time for participants was 11.4 minutes; 769 participants stayed on for the full hour; total of 80 questions were answered live.

    See our Board of County Commissioners' Telephone Town Hall page to listen to the audio recordings and the report from those meetings:

    • Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013 - Commissioner Faye Griffin, District One, the northern district
    • Monday, Aug. 26, 2013 - Commissioner Donald Rosier, District Three, the southern district
    • Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013 - Commissioner Casey Tighe, District Two


    During those calls, four straw poll questions were asked and answered by participants using their telephone key pads. The responses were as follows:

    • How often do you drive the “Western Beltway” corridor?
      a. Less than once per week – 48.1%
      b. Once per week – 11.8%
      c. Twice per week – 9.2%
      d. Three times per week – 7.9%
      e. More than three times per week – 23.0%


    • How often do you experience delay and congestion in your trip along the “Western Beltway”?
      a. Less than once per week – 49.3%
      b. Once per week – 15.1%
      c. Twice per week – 8.3%
      d. Three times per week – 8.2%
      e. More than three times per week – 19.1%


    • How important is it to improve safety and mobility along the “Western Beltway” in Jefferson County including the Interlocken Loop; the Jefferson Parkway; SH-93 between the Jefferson Parkway and the northern limits of Golden; SH-93 and US-6 in Golden, and C-470?
      a. Very important – 46.2%
      b. Somewhat important – 30.4%
      c. Not important – 23.4%


    • Since there are no significant federal or state dollars available to pay for safety and mobility improvements in the foreseeable future, what funding mechanisms for these projects are you most likely to support?
      a. Increased property taxes – 4.0%
      b. A special district funded by sales tax – 12.2%
      c. License plate fees – 8.5%
      d. A tolled managed lane (higher tolls for special use lanes) – 47.0%
      e. Tolling all lanes (lower tolls for all lanes) – 28.3%


    Last Updated: 9-14-2015