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  • Right-of-Way Use and Construction Permit

    This permit, called a "street cut permit," is required for work in the County Right-of-Way or easements. It typically involves construction activities where contractors need to obstruct all or part of the county road to perform their work.

    Contractors must obtain a permit, provide proof of a permit bond, maintain traffic control and restore the road to its original condition (or better) after their utility work is complete. The permit requires a two-year warranty of the road repairs.   

    When to Apply for the Permit

    • When any work is performed in the public Right-of-Way or easements for activities such as excavation, paving, concrete work, utilities, exploratory boring, potholing, etc.
    • When a traffic lane is obstructed for any purpose other than travel for activities such as temporarily parking vehicles, tree trimming, landscape operations, materials storage, etc.
    • When placing a dumpster, roll-off or other container in public right-of-way (sidewalks, public alleys or streets).  Please read the guidelines.  Download Adobe Reader from Downloads Page


    How to Apply for the Permit

    • Download and complete the new permit application formAdobe PDF Icon . Save it and email it to transeng@jeffco.us with the following supporting documents:
      • Plans of proposed work
      • Site map
      • Traffic control plan
      • Sediment and erosion control plan 

        Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete, sign (names may be typed) and submit permit applications electronically.  This allows us to process your request faster and accurately.
    • After plan approval, submit a non-cancelable Permit Bond:
      • in the name of the permit applicant
      • with the specific job location of where the work is to be done
      • identifying Jefferson County as the sole obligee
      • for the value of the work to be performed in the right-of-way, or a value of $10,000, whichever is greater
      • assuring that, should the permit holder fail to complete all work or make repairs, all county expenses incurred can be recovered. This assurance must continue for two years after the permit expiration date.

        Organizations such as other municipalities, metropolitan districts, utility and telecommunications companies are excepted, but they must provide a Letter of Responsibility in lieu of permit bonds.
    • Participate in a preconstruction meeting with the engineering inspector.


    Traffic Control Plan Requirements and Examples 

    Traffic control plans (TCPs) are required for all right-of-way use and construction permits. Plans must be consistent with the most recent edition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The MUTCD and other traffic guidelines can be obtained from this Colorado Department of Transportation webpage. View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. Traffic control plans must be approved by the engineering inspector before permit approval.

    Minor work activities, such as closing a sidewalk or a single lane of residential (local) street, can be addressed with the following sample traffic control plans. Remember, access for pedestrians and bicycles must be maintained and clearly shown on any traffic control plan. 

    More detailed plans, including methods for handling traffic (MHT), will be necessary for complex, phased projects. Road closures are not allowed in Jefferson County without prior written approval from the engineering inspector.

    Sample control plans are available at the bottom of this page.