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    Cougar Road over Deer Creek, Bridge Widening

    Project Scope

    These improvements will widen the existing bridge over Deer Creek at Cougar Road.  Work will also involve improvements to 2 of the 4 wing walls, and replacing guardrail with updated bridge rail.  Funding will be used from the FASTER program for safety upgrades.

    Project Update (as of July 31, 2014) 

    Since the start of construction on June 30, crews have completed several items:

    • Cleared and grubbed the wing wall expansion areas
    • Removed old bridge rail and guard rail
    • Milled asphalt over the bridge deck and approach sections of the roadway
    • Scraped off the old waterproof membrane material from the concrete deck
    • Placed block wall reinforcements and drainage items at the existing SE wing wall and backfilled with dirt and rip rap
    • Saw cut and jack hammered the exiting bridge curb head to remove it
    • Drilled more than 400 deep holes in the existing concrete deck and epoxied the reinforcing steel bars, tied longitudinal bars and the remaining bridge deck mat to the bridge corners and center pier
    • Built temporary false work and scaffolding underneath to support the newly poured concrete deck extensions while it gained strength
    • Placed concrete on both sides of the existing bridge deck to add width

    Cougar Road has been closed for 3 of the 4 planned weeks.  Next week, August 4 - 8, crews plan to finish the following items before opening the road:

    • Backfill embankment transitions from each of the wider bridge deck to the existing roadway
    • Install new bridge rail and guard rail
    • Remove temporary false work and scaffolding
    • Hand trowel high-strength grout over the former curb head to create a smooth driving surface
    • Clean the bridge deck and install a water proof membrane material and tackifier 
    • Place an asphalt overlay for a smooth, driveable surface

    Residents are reminded that the bridge is closed to routine traffic.  This temporary closure is required for the safety of workers on the bridge, as well as vehicles and drivers.  Please be aware that there are long nails, sharp pieces of cut steel and rebar on the bridge into Deer Creek 10 feet below that can damage vehicles and new bridge work, as well as potentially injure drivers and passengers.

    Next week it is especially important for residents to stop crossing over the bridge during off-work hours.  As preparations are made for final paving, there will be a very tacky black felt membrane placed on top of the bridge deck.  Should a vehicle cross over this material it will damage the fabric, causing the work to be removed and reinstalled.  This can delay the final paving, and bridge opening by up to two more working days.  The tacky black material will also adhere to the offending vehicle, creating a mess on the tires and paint that is difficult to remove.

    Once the bridge has been opened, crews will complete the final cleanup and restoration of the dirt parking area.  Work is expected to be fully completed by the middle of August 2014.

    Dixie Shear
    Resident Engineer

    Cougar Road Bridge

    Last Updated: 8-1-2014