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  • Right-of-Way Information

    Right-of-way is an interest in property either owned in fee or as an easement transferred through grant, prescription, dedication or the right of Eminent Domain. 
    The county uses road right-of-way to construct, operate and maintain public infrastructure, including but not limited to the roadway surface, support shoulder, cut and fill slopes, ditches, traffic signs and signals and drainage facilities. Public use of right-of-way includes direct and indirect benefits, such as providing mobility and containing utility systems. 

    Determining County Right-of-Way Width

    In most cases right-of-way width is greater than the surface of the roadway and it does not end at the edge of pavement or back of curb. The county does not have right-of-way maps, but by following these steps you should be able to find the various documents necessary to locate right-of-way:

    • Hiring a professional land surveyor to locate or set property pins is the most accurate way to pinpoint county right-of-way.
    • A survey of the property should show existing property pins and the right-of-way line.

    Vacating County Rights-of-Way

    The vacation application form is available online. Please contact Planning and Zoning for more information.  

    Private Improvements
    In addition to acquiring the proper permits, always verify the right-of-way line location before installing a fence or landscaping to ensure that it will be on your property. In special circumstances, the county may issue a license agreementDownload Adobe Reader from Downloads Page for private improvements, such as Homeowners' Association signage, in county right-of-way.


    Signs are not allowed in county right-of-way (see Zoning Resolution Section 11.B)


    Right-of-Way acquisition cost reimbursement, development of land along streets widened since 1988

    Right-of-way for Jefferson County street-widening projects that was purchased from previous or current landowners on or after June 7, 1988, is subject to Section 33.A.7 of the  Land Development Regulation.