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  • Bowles Avenue Bicycle Facility Study Report

    This study evaluates the feasibility of providing bicycle lanes along Bowles Avenue. This corridor was identified by the Jefferson County Bicycle Plan as a potential location for bicycle lanes and would serve as a primary east-west route for bicyclists in southeast Jefferson County. The project would require removal of one through lane in each direction for a significant portion of the corridor.

    The study found the implementation of bicycle lanes on Bowles Avenue to be technically feasible. Existing and future traffic conditions were analyzed and found to be sufficient even if vehicular travel lanes were removed in favor of the provision of bicycle lanes. Conceptual striping plans were developed and with minimal widening, restriping associated with maintenance activities, and signing installed by sign maintenance staff, bicycle lanes could safely be provided between the C-470 regional trail and Pierce Street.

    A public input process was completed in order to gauge public support for the project. Comments received from residents during the public involvement process indicated mixed support for the proposed modifications to incorporate bicycle lanes. While many cyclists were in favor of an east-west cycling route along Bowles Avenue, many other residents were concerned about the increased congestion that would result from the removal of through travel lanes.

    Outcome: The Board of County Commissioners directed staff to put the Bowles Avenue bicycle lanes concept on hold for the foreseeable future, as the level of public support is not enough to make this project viable.

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