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  • Coal Mine Avenue Conceptual Design


    This design was prepared in 2006, concurrently with Arapahoe County's study of Coal Mine Avenue east of Sheridan. The study recommended beginning improvements at Marshall Court where the roadway would transition to the east to five lanes. Continuing east, the five-lane roadway would transition to three lanes near Jay Drive. From Harlan Street to Sheridan, the study recommended widening to provide three lanes to the south.

    Jefferson and Arapahoe counties determined it is not necessary to immediately widen Coal Mine. At this time, Jeffco does not have a Coal Mine Avenue project, between Pierce and Sheridan, in the five-year project plan (which is reevaluated every year). If widening this section of Coal Mine Avenue becomes necessary, public open houses will be held as part of the final design phase.

    In the meantime, both counties will use their studies to help determine where developers should build their adjacent public roadway improvements.

    Last Updated: 4-8-2013