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  • Quincy Avenue Corridor Study


    This was completed in 2006. As we move to the final design for each segment described below, public open houses will be held to keep surrounding neighborhoods informed and to solicit their input about design specifics. The report contains the conceptual design data analysis, alternatives analysis and meeting minutes.

    Eldridge Street to Nelson Street Segment Alternatives

    During the conceptual design, two alternatives were developed for the Eldridge Street to Nelson Street segment. A consensus could not be reached about which should be the "preferred alternative." When it becomes necessary to construct this segment, both alternatives, which are described below, will be presented to the community and reviewed again before proceeding with final design.

    Five-Lane Alternative

    The five-lane alternative features two through lanes in each direction with a painted, continuous left-turn lane in the center. This alternative requires more right-of-way and it affects nearby property owners more; however, it provides full-movement access at every existing cross street with Quincy.

    Three-Lane Alternative

    The three-lane alternative has one through lane in each direction with a raised median. This requires less right-of-way, but it restricts access to many of the side streets to just right-in/right-out.

    Last Updated: 4-8-2013