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    Jefferson County Transportation Action and Advocacy Group


    Upcoming Events

    The next JEFFTAAG meeting is scheduled for February 11, 2015.

    January 14, 2015 Meeting Agenda   Adobe PDF Icon

    October 8, 2014 Meeting Summary   Adobe PDF Icon     

    JEFFTAAG normally meets on the second Wednesday of the month from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the Lookout Mountain/Buffalo Bill Dining Room (lower level) of the Jefferson County Courts and Administration Building. The public is welcome to attend and observe the meetings. 

    JEFFTAAG History

    JEFFTAAG has remained a policy group since May 2003. In 2003, the CWTP group reconvened to update the plan and set upon an effort to obtain funding to implement the plan. The group resolved to actively participate in regional, state and federal policy matters related to Transportation funding.

    The name County Wide Transportation Plan Group did not reflect the efforts of the group and they settled on a new name: Jefferson County Transportation Advisory and Advocacy Group (JEFFTAAG). In late 2008, the group adopted a change in name to the Jefferson County Transportation Action and Advocacy Group.

    Historically, Jefferson County and its cities have received less in federal funding than their fair share. The Group succeeded in modifying DRCOG project ranking methods and fund allocation to factor in funding equity based on population as a percentage of regional population. In this effort, JEFFTAAG in collaboration with city councils and the Board of County Commissioners, developed and distributed brochures highlighting regional funding deficiencies and sent letters in support of their positions.

    After 2003, the focus of the group has been on consideration of forming an RTA, supporting FasTracks and weighing in on transportation funding matters. This newly adopted strategic Plan reflects the broad focus of the group. 


    JEFFTAAG Advisory Group

    • Anthony DeVito, CDOT, Region 1, Director
    • Bob Fifer, City of Arvada, Council Member
    • Bruce Daly, RTD, Board of Directors
    • Casey Tighe, JEFFTAAG Chairman, Jefferson County District 2 Commissioner
    • Donald Rosier, Jefferson County District 3 Commissioner
    • Ed Peterson, CDOT, Transportation Commissioner
    • George Pond, City of Wheat Ridge, Council Member
    • Kevin McCasky, Jefferson Economic Council, CEO (JEC)
    • Laura Weinberg, City of Golden, Council Member
    • Natalie Menten, RTD, Board of Directors  
    • Pete Roybal, City of Lakewood, Council Member

    JEFFTAAG Staff Members

    • Bill Ray, City of Arvada, Deputy City Manager
    • Dave Baskett, City of Lakewood, Traffic Engineer
    • Dave Downing, City of Westminster, City Engineer
    • Dave Hollis, RTD, Manager of Corridor Planning
    • Derek Schuler, Jefferson County, Transportation & Engineering, Traffic/Transportation Engineer
    • Jeanie Rossillon, Jefferson County, Development & Transportation, Director
    • John Firouzi, City of Arvada, Acting City Traffic Engineer
    • Lindsay Townsend, Jefferson County, Transportation & Engineering, Administrative Assistant
    • Mike Normandin, City of Westminster, Traffic Engineer
    • Mike Vanatta, Jefferson County, Transportation & Engineering, Acting Director 
    • Scott Burton, Jefferson County, Transportation & Engineering, Transportation Planner
    • Steve Glueck, City of Golden, Planning Director
    • Steven Nguyen, City of Wheat Ridge, Engineering Manager

    Vision Statement

    Tackling transportation challenges for sustainable solutions

    Mission Statement

    A diverse group of state, regional and local entities

    • committed to identifying sustainable, multi-modal transportation needs for 21st century Jefferson County
    • leading to legislative and funding solutions through the sharing of ideas, and smart, forward-thinking discussions

    Last Updated: 1-14-2015