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  • Major Thoroughfare Plan


    The Major Thoroughfare Plan is undergoing an update in 2017.  Find out how you can become involved in the process.

    What is the Major Thoroughfare Plan? 

    • The Jefferson County Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) identifies all existing and future roads and streets that are classified as collector or higher within Jefferson County.
    • The classification of a roadway dictates the standard templateAdobe Reader is required for viewing this document used, and design criteria, such as number of lanes, speed, and access, used for the construction of roadway improvements.
    • The MTP does not include local streets or roads.
    • The MTP is used to guide the County’s Capital Improvement Program and regulates development requirements to build public transportation infrastructure. 
    • The last update to the MTP was in 2012. 


    Select the image below to view the Major Thoroughfare Plan.

    2017 Major Thoroughfare Update

    What factors will be assessed as part of the MTP update?

    Factors that will be assessed include: 

    • existing and projected traffic volumes
    • crashes
    • compatibility with the build environment and surrounding land uses
    • right-of-way adequacy
    • construction feasibility
    • consistency with land use plans


    Is the MTP used for bike and pedestrian improvements?

    Yes, there are two groups of roadway standard templatesAdobe Reader is required for viewing this document that include streets and roads, each with pedestrian and bicycle design standards:   

    • The street standard templates include sidewalks, curb, and gutter.
    • Road standard templates include paved shoulders.
    • Where bicycle lanes are identified in the Jefferson County Bike Plan, a street standard template with a bike lane is used. 
    • All improvements to roadways are in accordance with the street or road standard templates. 
    • The Bike PlanAdobe Reader is required for viewing this document and the Pedestrian PlanAdobe Reader is required for viewing this document are stand alone plans from the MTP, and updates to those plans are not planned with the MTP update.   For more information on these plans, visit our Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan web page.


    Who has authority to approve updates to the MTP? 

    The Jefferson County Planning Commission is authorized to approve updates and changes to the MTP. 

    What opportunities will there be for public input?

    1. The Planning Commission provided initial review of  the proposed MTP updates at its April 4, 2017 meeting. 
    2. To provide your thoughts on the proposed updates to the Major Thoroughfare Plan, email the Transportation and Engineering Division.

    3.  Public comment received to date is summarized here.Adobe Reader is required for viewing this document

    Staff will be assessing proposed updates in the spring of 2017. These proposed updates will include:

    Minor updates to be considered for further assessment included:             

    1.     Removal of a yet unbuilt segment of Main Street in Conifer that is currently classified as Collector due to concerns about the feasibility of its constructability.  

    2.     Reclassification of Quincy Avenue from S. Eldridge Street to S. Simms Street from Minor Arterial to Major Collector Street.

    3.     Reclassification of S. Ward Street between W. Belleview Avenue and W. Arlington Avenue from Local to Collector Street, thereby adding it to the MTP.

    4.     Update roadway alignments that have been changed in development approvals or planning documents including: 
            a.     Simms Street north of 112th Avenue 
            b.     Roadways within the Green Gables development (Morrison Road, Upham Street, Pierce Way, and Pierce Street)

    5.     Reclassification of 82nd Avenue between Alkire and Indiana Streets from Collector to Local Road

    6.     Reclassification of Collectors to Local Streets including: 
            a.     Beech Street between 8th and 10th Avenues 
            b.     Wide Acres Road 
            c.     14th Avenue east of Welsh Road 
            d.     Welsh Road between Wide Acres and 8th Avenue 

    7.     Reclassification of mountain roads from Major Collector to Collector Roads including: 
            a.     Golden Gate Canyon 
            b.     Lookout Mountain Road between US 40 and Panorama Drive 
            c.     Rooney Road between Alameda Parkway and US 40 
            d.     W. Belleview Avenue 
            e.     Deer Creek Canyon Road 
            f.     South Valley Road 
            g.     W. Ute Avenue 
            h.     S. Owens Street 
            i.      N. Turkey Creek Road 
            j.      CR 73 
            k.    Squaw Pass Road 
            l.     Barkley Road

    8.       Reclassification of an unpaved section of Grapevine Road near Genesee, currently classified as a Collector

    9.     Designation of “streets” and “roads” on the TMP. Currently the MTP categorizes roadways according to classifications, but is lacks information about the intent of these roadways to be “streets” with curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and bike lanes or “roads” paved shoulders but not sidewalks, curbs, or gutters.

    10.   The format of the plan will be updated to be more user-friendly by county staff and the public


     * Deadlines for public comment and future meeting dates will be updated on this website. 

    **The status of all proposed updates and a full listing of public comment will be available on this website.







    Last Updated: 5-17-2017