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    The purpose of WestConnect - The "Western Beltway" Connector Study - is to develop a comprehensive and coordinated plan that will be used to inform Jefferson County residents of the benefits of completing segments of the "Western Beltway" to the rest of the facility, gauge support for completing these connections, determine the best way to fund the improvements, and develop a plan for implementing the improvements.

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    Current Status:

    February 5, 2015
    The WestConnect Corridor Coalition has come together to afford various public and quasi-public entities a forum for engaging in a coordinated and collaborative process to improve mobility for the C-470 (Segment 2), 6th Avenue, SH-93, Jefferson Parkway, and Interlocken Loop Corridors from Kipling Parkway to Northwest Parkway.  The Coalition can consider advocating other projects that are expected to improve the overall transportation system in the area affected by the WestConnect Corridor.  Options for those solutions will be advanced by concensus. 

    The Charter of the WestConnect Corridor Coalition is being routed to all Coalition members for governmental agreement.  The Coalition will meet May 20, 2015.  A meeting agenda will be posted when available.

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