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  • Purpose of the WestConnect Study


    For several years, individual pieces of the "Western Beltway" have been discussed but no comprehensive and coordinated plan for the entire corridor has been developed.

    One of the most critical elements contributing to our County's quality of life is how we move people and goods through the region. Improving regional mobility and connecting communities to make transportation more efficient will reduce congestion, improve air quality and foster economic development. How can we make it easier for people to get from home, to work, to shopping, recreational activities and more?

    The purpose of WestConnect - The "Western Beltway" Connector Study - is to develop a comprehensive and coordinated plan that will be used to inform Jefferson County residents of the benefits of connecting this regional facility, gauge support for the facility, determine the best way to fund the facility, and develop a plan for implementing the improvements.

    Did You Know?

    In Jefferson County, 79 percent of workers 16 years of age and over drive alone when commuting to work.