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    How are the taxes determined on my property?


    Your property taxes are determined by the Jefferson County Assessor and the total mill levies for the taxing authorities that provide public services.

    The assessor establishes the value of all property for tax purposes. Taxing authorities use the assessed value to determine their mill levies. A mill is 1/10 of one cent, or $1 of revenue for each $1,000 of assessed valuation. You may obtain information about the tax levy by contacting the governing boards of the taxing entities.

    The actual value, determined by the assessor, is multiplied by a rate set by the legislature to arrive at an assessed value. The actual tax amount due is calculated by multiplying the assessed value by the tax mill levy for each taxing authority within the tax district.

    Sample tax calculation:

    Actual value: $150,000
    Assessment rate .0796
    Assessed value = $11,940 (150,000 * .0796)
    Tax district mill levy 91.2120
    Amount of taxes = $1,089.07 (11,940 * .091212)

    Last Updated: 5-23-2017