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    Are there additional fees if my property goes to tax sale?


    If your property goes to the tax lien sale, you will be charged all delinquent interest at the 12 percent annual rate, up to the time of sale, tax lien sale interest from the month of the sale to the payoff (redemption), advertising fees, redemption fees, potential deed fees and possibly distraint (seize and sale) fees if your property is a mobile home. If your taxes are sold at the tax lien sale and are not paid the following year or years, the subsequent taxes can be added to the certificate of purchase (this is called endorsement) and the payoff amount may involve multiple years. The entire certificate of purchase, including all years, must be redeemed together. The individual years on a certificate CANNOT be paid separately. The tax lien buyer can apply for a treasurer’s deed to the property if the first lien has not been paid three years from the date of the tax lien sale. This deed process can take a minimum of six months, and the owner can pay the redemption anytime up to the transfer of the treasurer’s deed. A treasurer’s deed gives title of the property to the tax lien buyer; however, a treasurer’s deed can still be contested for seven more years or may be involved in a quiet title suit. Please call our office to obtain further information or see tax lien sale for more information.

    Last Updated: 3-1-2013