• Public Trustee Foreclosure Overbids Transferred to the Treasurer

    Public Trustee overbids comprise money paid at the public trustee foreclosure sales.  The following list shows overbids of more than $500 that are held by the Treasurer.  These overbids resulted from foreclosure sales that occurred prior to September 1, 2012.  The Treasurer holds these overbids for five years or until claimed by the owner.  Overbids from foreclosure sales occurring after August 2012 are administered by the Public Trustee’s Office.  Please visit their webpage  Jefferson County Public Trustee webpage for further information.

     Sale #

    Overbid Amount

    Owner Name



    US Bank NA as Trustee



    The owner of record is the only person eligible to claim these funds, and proof of ownership must be submitted for the attorneys to review. When our attorneys accept the documents, a claim form must be completed and notarized. The treasurer does not start with a claim form because each situation is unique. For more information about claiming any of these funds, please contact the treasurer's office at 303-271-8330.

    For information about these sales, please visit the Jefferson County Public Trustee webpage.

    The state of Colorado does not conduct tax sales and, therefore, has no overbids from tax sales. Each county conducts an annual tax lien sale, but the county retains any overbid as a premium on the sale.

    Last Updated: 12-1-2015