• Meetings and Informational Videos


    Citizen participation is essential to effective government, and Jefferson County encourages you to get involved. We've restructured this media on-demand page to help make it easier for you find information. This is your one-stop shop for all of our county videos.

    You can find Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners' and Planning Commission hearings on this page. Starting on August 23, 2016, the Board of County Commissioners' hearings will be streaming live online. To watch the hearing live, simply click on the "In Progress" link within the Upcoming Events section below once the meeting has started.

    If you missed a meeting, you can watch the video, find the hearing agendas, minutes, resolutions and other supplementary documents organized by hearing date. County Commissioner minutes and resolutions, by date and numerical order, can be found within the Clerk to the Board website.

    Videos are also available for special county functions and other interesting events. These range from groundbreakings and news conferences to talking about taxes with the Treasurer and getting to know your county commissioners. Simply open the category that interests you, select the "video" link and watch the video.