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    The Jefferson County Weed and Pest Management program helps the public by developing integrated management plans to control mountain pine beetle and noxious weeds. The program, which includes working with the Jefferson County Open Space Natural Resources section, coordinates with other governmental agencies to achieve regional pest control.


    This site includes information to help identify, control and prevent mountain pine beetle and noxious weed infestations. Our goal is to educate the public about weed and pest problems and offer solutions. 


    Weed of the Month


     Hoary cress

    Check out our Weed of the Month page for more information on this noxious weed.


    2015 Cost Share

    weed-knotweed-grid-a-whiteWe are pleased to be able to provide a small cost share program again in 2015.  This program is to help unincorporated Jeffco landowners who have List A or List B-Erad noxious weeds.   

    A site visit is required before an application may be approved.

    Download the Guidelines  Microsoft Word or open office software is required for viewing this document and Application Form Adobe Reader is required for viewing this document .  Return by June 1st   


    More Information on Weed and Pest Management in Jeffco

    Noxious Weeds

    Information, Identification and Control, FAQs and Links


    Emerald Ash Borer, Mountain Pine Beetle, Other Pests, Vertebrate Pests, FAQs and Links