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    The Jefferson County Weed and Pest Management program helps the public by developing integrated management plans to control mountain pine beetle and noxious weeds. The program, which includes working with the Jefferson County Open Space Natural Resources section, coordinates with other governmental agencies to achieve regional pest control.

    This site includes information to help identify, control and prevent mountain pine beetle and noxious weed infestations. Our goal is to educate the public about weed and pest problems and offer solutions. 


    Noxious Weed of the Month

    Myrtle Spurge - A List A noxious weed that requires eradication.  Learn More


    Land Stewardship Series

    A new series of seminars for Jeffco landowners that will provide an understanding and appreciation for Jeffco lands and their ecological benefits.



    Held the third Wednesday of the month from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

    700 Jefferson County Parkway, Ste 100 (Jeffco Open Space Building)

    Golden, CO 80401

    Seating is limited so registration is required


    Lions and Tigers - Oh MY!!  Learn About Mountain Lions and Bobcats in the Front Range Urban Landscape

    May 17, 2017  Registration is Closed - We are Full 

    6:00 - 7:30 PM

    Mary Ann Bonnell, Jefferson County Open Space's Visitor Services Manager will speak about mountain lions and bobcats.  She will provide information about how to identify them, their habits and what to do if you encounter one.


    New Insect Pests in Our Urban Landscape  

    June 21, 2017 Register HERE

    Laura Pottorff, Colorado Department of Agriculture, will speak about Emerald Ash Borer and Japaneese beetle. These newly introduced invasive insect pests are having significant impacts on our urban landscapes.


    All the Latest Buzz - Learning About  Native Pollinators

    July 19, 2017 Register HERE

    Interested in pollination? This talk is designed to educate gardeners and the general public about pollinators native to Colorado. Learn about supporting native bees and managed bees, as well as pollination biology from Mario Padilla, Butterfly Pavilion Entomologist and knowledgeable beekeeper.


    Play. Clean. Go.

    Invasive species are easily spread by people, animals and equipment.  Jeffco Weed & Pest is partnering with the Play Clean Go campaign to help educate our residents on ways to prevent the spread of these non-native harmful pests.

    Mountain Bike Video

    Horse Rider Video

    Trail Runner Video

    Learn More



    Vertebrate Pest Update - Rats

    With the extra moisture in 2016 has come a heavier population of rats.  Jeffco Environmental Health has information that may help you prevent rats moving onto your property.

    Environmental Health Page


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